DoEmploy is keeping your family safety
DoEmploy is keeping your family safety
September 9, 2021

DoEmploy is keeping your family safety


In many stages in life we need assistance from other people. You may need a caregiver for your old parents or a sick family member. You may need a babysitter for your childrens or maid assistance in your house.

In this article we will focus on your family safety when looking for your domestic employee. Safety while looking for assistance is something that most people are not aware of for a good reason, in most cases, everything goes well. We need to be careful because of the rare cases that something does go wrong.

Simple methods as outlined in this article, can highly reduce your exposure and increase your family safety.

The risks

The main and obvious risk is someone getting the information where do you live and who are the people that live in the house. This can help a burglar planning an attack on peoples houses.

There are many obvious risks that may we consider less risky but may cause significant long term damages. We all heard of cases where organizations called old people and sold them things they don’t need for exaggerated prices and as doing so exhausted their limited resources.

There are other risks we will not outline here. The bottom line is that we need awareness and there are simple measures that significantly increase our safety.

The platform

Many people are using facebook as their primary search place for domestic employees. It’s a great platform that we at DoEmploy are also utilizing, but in a safer way for you.

Posting your request directly on Facebook is exposing almost all your details since of the “real person” policy of facebook. When you are using facebook indirectly, by publishing on DoEmploy, you can enjoy the benefits of Facebook without compromising your safety.

What personal information is sensitive?

In general the sensitive information we better not expose is one that allows someone to identify our exact location and identity. DoEmploy allows employers to publish a position while giving potential employees all the information they need in order to assess if the offering is a good fit for them.

Any other information that exposes the exact location or identifying details about a specific person is redundant at this stage and should not be exposed.

An example

Take as an example, based on many offers for a caregiver that was published on the DoEmploy platform.

The text: “We are looking for a caregiver in cohabitation for a partially self handling 90 years old lady living alone. The address is Street ## Rome. Please contact by WhatsUp ##########."

What can a criminal learn from this?

There is a 90 years old lady, living alone and the exact address is provided. The number is also included and using different tools can lead to the exact house and the people living in it.

How does DoEmploy keep your safety?

Location: Location is critical information for the potential candidate, it must be provided but not the exact address. DoEmploy allows you to publish the general location, typically as area or zip code (recommended).

The ad: DoEmploy ad is designed to provide the essential information without compromising your safety. Employers tend to add details such as phone numbers in the description field, this is wrong and risky!

Initial filtering: DoEmploy provides an integral chat system that allows employees to do an initial filtering on the chat before exposing the phone number and exact address.

How to do the initial filtering using DoEmploy chat

The chat system integrated into DoEmploy provides a great method to do the initial filtering of potential candidates. The questions are in three categories as follows:

  1. Verify that the candidate fits your requirements.

  2. Verify that your offering fits the candidate.

  3. Verify your candidate identity.

Does the candidate fit the job?

Before even starting the chat with the candidate, check the profile as detailed in DoEmploy. After checking the candidate profile, you can see his experience, age, gender and other important details. Review the description text and check the picture, face can sometimes tell a lot about a person.

If we are fine with this, start the chat. Verify that your candidate can commute to your location with a reasonable effort. Ask for additional details that were not provided in the profile.

Are we fine, let’s get to the next stage, verify that your offering fits your candidate.

At this stage we need to directly ask the candidate questions like:

  • Are you fine with 24 H work for two weeks and vacation on every other weekend?

  • Are you fine with a payment of 1000 Euro per month?

  • Are you fine with exchanging diapers for a disabled person?

  • Can you handle the physical effort needed to move a person from bed to a wheelchair?

And so on

Are we good, it’s also simple to verify the identity:

  • Where do you live? Are you shopping in Jim’s grocery store?

  • Which high school did you go to?

  • Which family did you work for?

If everything is fine, the next stage is to ask for the candidate's phone number. If you are already feeling comfortable with the candidate, you can call from your mobile, letting him know your number. If you are not yet sure, send a message on the DoEmploy chat, say you are calling from a hidden number and ask them to pick up the call.


Looking for domestic employees is something almost everyone is forced to deal with in different stages in life. Keeping your safety while doing so is critical and many people fall into the hands of criminals since they are not aware of the risk.

Using simple measures as described in this article significantly increases your family safety while still allowing you to get maximum exposure.

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