Manage the domestic employment with DoEmploy
Manage the domestic employment with DoEmploy
August 2, 2021

Manage the domestic employment with DoEmploy

DoEmploy for Domestic Employment is designed to help employers and employees to manage and organize many aspects of the working process.

You can download the app from:
Google Play (Android)
AppStore (iOS)

As an employer you can:

  • Save and manage employee data

  • Manage shifts and working hours

  • Enable hour reporting for your employee

  • Calculate the salary and generate payroll reports

  • Export ready to print PDF reports

With DoEmploy, you can easily create an overall work agreement that includes the salary rate, frequency of salary payments, working days of the week, and related documents.

You will be able to verify whether the working shift starts on time and ends on the agreed date and have detailed information about hours and days worked.

The app will automatically calculate the amount to be paid to the worker. Each payment will be saved along with working and absence days.

By doing so, you will have a clearer picture of the employee’s overall activities. Additionally, by providing clear information about each aspect of domestic employment, DoEmploy reduces exposure to legal issues to both parts.

Through the app, employers and employees can better record payments due, payment amounts, and working hours, which reduces potential conflicts between them.

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