The problems domestic employees face
The problems domestic employees face
March 30, 2021

The problems domestic employees face

Many employers fail to respect workers' legal rights

Employees are often mistreated by employers in violation of their legal rights due to lack of control systems, bad regulations, and illegal employment.

Hiring illegally may seem appealing to an employer as they can avoid providing the benefits and protections that a company employee would normally be entitled to.

The tax avoidance is one of the many illegal practices an employer may be tempted to engage in, regardless of whether the intention was to benefit either the employer or the employee, doing so comes with many risks for both parties. For example, an unlawful domestic worker may take a former employer to court and ask for a larger amount of money than they are rightfully owed.

This can happen as a consequence of a number inconsistencies such as irregular payrolls, absence of proof of payment and the deficiency of a robust control system of workers' performance.

Difficulties in ensuring annual leave and social security

The majority of domestic workers worldwide are employed in the informal economy.

Individual households normally hire them on a one-to-one basis. As a consequence, they often lack the privilege of having basic worker rights such as minimum wage, regulated working hours, paid maternity leave, sick leave, holidays and social security benefits.

Almost 90% of the world's domestic workers don't have any kind of social security coverage.

Difficulties in monitoring work performance and the absence of a formal contract serve as a barrier to guaranteeing these benefits.

One major working regulation which is often abused is annual leave. Commonly, domestic workers go on annual leave at the same time as their employer, this convention frequently leads to the employer refusing to provide any holiday pay to their employee. This problem arises due to a lack of regulations in domestic work, most notably the deficiency of a comprehensive system that can reliably track the activity and performance of employees.

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