Nanny/Household payroll & management app

In doing complex payroll calculations or managing employment-related issues, DoEmploy™ is a time-saving app that you'll love.

Suitable for all domestic employees

Nanny, Caregiver, Maid, Household

Why DoEmploy

Manage everything from one place.
Clean and easy to use interface.
Mobile Platform
Any Android or iOS device is compatible.
We take privacy seriously, your data is safe.


Presence & Leaves
Track attendance and absences. Keep a record of vacations, sick days, and public holidays.


Advanced Payroll
Calculate the salary and export the payroll in PDF. Just fill in the hours and you are done.


Files & Documents
You can save relevant employment documents and access them at any time.

What do we solve ?

In most countries domestic workers don't have the same benefits as the businesses employees. Home employers cannot follow up on requirements and this creates conflicts and disgruntled workers.

DoEmploy brings business level management software to domestic employers. That ensures the rights of the employee and reduces employers legal exposure.

Our mission

Is to revolutionize the worldwide domestic employment market. By bringing business level tools to both domestic employers and employees.

We do this to ensure the rights of domestic workers, under local law. Also, helping employers to provide fair and accurate payments to their employees.

Moreover, we aim to reduce the legal exposure for the employer and employee by using the app.


Get started with DoEmploy

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